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prevent cement patio mould

[Guide] How To Remove Mould on Cement Patio?

Mould can make your beautiful patio look very bad. It can make the concrete look terrible, which can turn into a health and safety issue. You can normally get rid of the mould yourself for small areas, but for bigger problems get professional support from a contractor that offers concrete cleaning near you. You can also make a call to one of our friendly team members at Jim’s Rendering to get advice from the professionals. Why Cement Gets Mould? It occurs as the [...]

How Much Does A Cement Renderer Earn?

Cement rendering is a premixed coating of sand and cement to be applied to brick, concrete, stone, or mud tile. After application, it is also textured, colored, or painted. It is typically used on exterior walls but can be used to display an internal wall. Cement Rendering is one of the thriving occupation here in Australia. This work involves a lot of hard work and experience to carry out the job perfectly. However, the amount of men renderers pay around Australia is [...]

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