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First of all, the exterior beauty of your house have a big impact on its curb appeal and overall value. Also, most homeowners don’t want their home to look messy and sloppy from the outside. So they will ensure the design and finish of their exteriors are as polished as it can be. Therefore, we at Jims Rendering Sydney can help you with your house rendering.

Furthermore, our rendering Sydney experts will make sure your home exteriors look good. Hence, ensuring the finish protects the brick or concrete blocks underneath well. So if you are looking for home rendering services in Sydney then contact us now! We’ll wait for your call!

Rendering Service in Sydney

Certainly, we provide our customers with the best in all types of home rendering services in metropolitan area of Sydney. In addition, our professional rendering service for Sydney are a cut above the rest because of our craft.

Also, though rendering requires much technical skill – skill we have in spades – we also think of it as an art. Nonetheless, the art of rendering gives your building or walls a strong and beautiful facade. So for professional rendering service in Sydney, you know who to call – Jims Rendering Sydney!

Lastly, our team of professionals is licensed and knowledgeable in all things rendering. So no rendering job is too big or too small for us – from residential repairs to commercial undertakings. What are you waiting for?

Why Us?

We at Jims Rendering Sydney take pride in our impeccable attention to detail. Also, our ability to work within the parameters of your design vision and your budget. Whether your job entails commercial cement rendering in Sydney, Jims Rendering Sydney happily works with you.  Schedule now to get the job done quickly and get it done right.

So for any types of rendering in Sydney and all surrounding suburbs, consider the true professionals at Jims Rendering Services. Hence, take a look through our gallery and see photographs of our attractive, high quality work. From acrylic texture, brick home and exterior walls. Check it out! Visit our showroom!

Rendering Costs

The cost of Sydney rendering depends on the type of material you use, the size of your property, and the number of stories in your home. The prices also vary depending on site access.

We inspect and measure your property and provide upfront pricing prior to the start of the project so you know how much you need to budget. So you can create a budget and plan your finances based on the rendering costs.

If you want to know more about our house rendering Sydney services here at Jims Rendering Sydney, don’t hesitate to give us a call or email us. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have. Hurry up! We’ll wait.

Want To Know More?

Yes, aside from protecting the brickwork against wind and rain, rendering your walls can make the building more efficient by adding property value. Around 30 percent of the energy used to heat a home is lost through its external walls. Using a product such as a cement-insulated render is a clever way of upgrading energy efficiency without compromising your interior living space.

Bathroom rendering is an important and special rendering service. Important because bathrooms are among the most important features of a house that can considerably bring up or down its value. Special because of the nature and requirements of a bathroom that demand special attention to the render mix and its application. Acrylic rendering well be because you don’t have to wait to 28 days for it to dry like cement rendering.

If you want to change or improve the appearance of your walls, having them rendered is a cost-effective solution that looks great and can even make the walls more water-resistant and durable. You need 6 coat system durable finish, basically it well be 2 base coats of render, primer coat ,acrylic texture coat, 2 coats waterproof paint membrane.

To repair the concrete slab we treat it with concrete cancer materials. Over time, as a result of constant foot traffic and the ravages of the elements, outdoor stairs can start to deteriorate. You can reverse damage and keep your stairs looking as good as new with a little maintenance and some innovative, effective products that simplify and speed up concrete repairs.

Polystyrene cladding is also known as expanded polystyrene, or EPS for short. It is a lightweight, rigid, plastic insulation material that is comprised of hard, solid beads of polystyrene. The final product is made out of delicate, spherical beads that are airy and light. Despite its lightweight construction, EPS offers a high strength-to-weight ratio. Polystyrene wall claddings are compressive and flexible, too.

There are a few main differences in the acrylic render to the cement render. The main one is the price acrylic render can be a lot more expensive due to a few reasons. The acrylic render comes in pre mixed buckets that can be quite expensive as opposed to the cement render which only uses sand, cement and lime. Acrylic render is mostly used as a topcoat requiring an additional base coat to be applied first.

There’s really no benefits anymore. Acrylic render will be the better option it won’t crack. Acrylic rendering is extremely flexible you can just trowel it on then float it to produce the finished result no sponging is needed. A modified cement render leveling compound will normally be used as a base coat for brick and blockwork to allow for a more even final acrylic render finish.

Before you go ahead with your rendering project, take the time to work out if it is worth the expense. Cement rendering an entire house could set you back anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 – depending on the size. You need to balance this outlay with what your home is likely to be worth after your project is complete.

This product became popular due to its lightweight and cost-effective advantages and hence its use in many different construction sectors. There are also many variations to this product, with many different appearances. It could set you back anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 – depending on the size. You need to balance this outlay with what your home is likely to be worth after your project is complete.

If you are searching for professional and affordable house rendering services in Sydney to complete your dream home or if you are after revitalising your business property by giving it a new appearance, then Jims Rendering Sydney is the one stop solution for you. We are one of the premium rendering companies in Sydney with more than 20 years of solid experience in the field of acrylic, & cement as well as the traditional rendering services.

Our rendering team is Sydney’s #1 cement rendering professionals! We are committed to providing our clients with the best service and project result possible. We guarantee to work with you in order to achieve your desired effect. We have all of the necessary knowledge base and skills to ensure your project looks exactly how you imagined it would. To take advantage of your free quotation service, call Jims Rendering Sydney today!

Frequently Asked Questions

No, not necessary anymore they are new way of rendering it call acrylic texture coat render gives you a durable finish. Lime rendering is not necessary but it is used when you want to give your home a traditional look. It is not necessary to apply lime render but many people find it good to provide your home with a traditional looks by using some of the traditional methods.

The most popular types of house rendering are Acrylic Render, Texture Coating, White Set, Polymer Render, Concrete Render Finish and Hebel Rendering. Therefore, when considering a house rendering that you want to apply to the outer walls of your home, you should be aware of the options that you have and which ones are best suited for your walls and home.

Usually, a renderer charges per square meter. So, your expense would be approximately based upon the size of your structure. In addition to the size, the kind of render used impacts the overall expense. Depending on the structure, the kind of render, your place and the level of service you choose, the overall expense might be anywhere between $7000 up to $15,000.

Cement rendering is the application of a premixed layer of sand and cement to brick, concrete, stone, or mud brick. It is often textured, coloured, or painted after application. It is generally used on exterior walls but can be used to feature an interior wall. Depending on the ‘look’ required, rendering can be fine or coarse, textured or smooth, natural or coloured, pigmented or painted.

Acrylic Rendering is a durable system that won’t crack also you can add a colour in the acrylic render (you don’t need no painters). An acrylic render is any type of render that uses acrylic, which is a type of plastic, in the mix. The acrylic makes the render much stronger and more flexible than traditional rendering mixes, which means that it is much less likely to crack after it has been applied.

Acrylic render is designed to be applied to most surfaces such as painted masonry, uneven concrete, brick, fibre cement and plasterboard. It also can stretch with changes in temperature which reduces the risk of cracking especially if you live in areas where the climate can vary drastically. Lastly, acrylic render can be tinted to the colour you are going to paint your wall allowing for one less coat of paint.

It’s a high-quality, durable material that is quick to install and provides superior energy efficiency benefits because installation thermal rating is very high. A polystyrene wall cladding system can also be used as external insulation. Polystyrene walls can be fitted to any shape and added to any type of building quickly. Homeowners can see drastically reduced energy bills when they install a polystyrene wall cladding system.

The most essential element when hiring an expert renderer for your task is making sure they are certified and insured. More importantly, view the experts past work and speak with their previous clients to guarantee the person you employ is legitimate. For an average home (55 square meters), you’re taking a look at a cost anywhere from $5,000 for a basic renderer all the way to $20,000 for higher quality renderer.

Bathrooms require both decorative and functional finishes. Functional finishes apply where the coating needs to be hard wearing, such as in bathrooms, for areas such as shower walls and splashbacks. These functional areas require highly skilled workmanship to ensure they stand up to the scrutiny they will constantly come under. At Jims Rendering Sydney, we ensure the quality of our products and the time and effort we apply to our work ensures for high quality functional finishes.

Jims Rendering Sydney is the leading name in the business world of cement rendering services. We feel proud to say that in the span of more than 20 years of time, we have successfully covered an array of different types of projects, starting from small projects like letter box to the multi-unit development projects that includes texture coating, solid plaster, polished concrete finishing, etc.

We have always been committed to delivering the highest quality house rendering in Sydney has to offer. Our team of experts can execute all types of rendering tasks and projects for our clients throughout Sydney. We work with all kinds of textures from smooth to rough, and specialise in a range of renders including acrylic and cement. If you need any of the following rendering services for your property, Jims Rendering Sydney is the name to call.

House Rendering - Job Complete

By Jims Rendering Sydney

House RenderingHouse Rendering
House Rendering

Acrylic Rendering

Jims Rendering specialises in Acrylic Rendering for your home or business. Our quality workmanship is evident in our acrylic rendering portfolio.

We take great pride and care in our work.


Polystyrene Cladding
Foam Installation

It has a very high strength to weight ratio that, dependant on the density. It offers exceptional compressive and flexural strength.

House Rendering

Cement Rendering

Jims Rendering Sydney is dedicated to providing Sydney with exceptional service. With superior workmanship and attention to detail. We strive to be Sydney’s leading cement rendering company.

Our team is a highly motivated, passionate and qualified group of cement renderers. Whose attention to detail allows us to attain our goal of creating the perfect finish.


Texture Coating

Texture Coating Systems are suitable for a wide range of substrates used in the construction industry. By working closely with leading substrate manufacturers and consistently developing our product range to meet the needs of an ever changing market.

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