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Very Honest and efficient company to deal with. Highly recommend.
I am writing this review for Jim as a tribute to his excellent work he has done to our house. He came to do our front fence only but ended up doing my full house. His work ethics, conduct by him and his assitant Ritso were exemplary. Honestly I am writing that I am missing them in the morning as they come and don't waste time with their work. Very cheerful and welcoming person. He is very accommodative our request and worked with us to fulfil our requirements. Arull and I have a pleasure of recommending Jim for any rendering work for any one looking for a professional high quality work. This is evident from the compliments I am getting from people who passes our house and stop and talk to me. My house status has now become normal house to a best house in the street which competes with all new houses built in my street recently.Again thank you Jim for your excellent work and your caring nature. Before and after photos shows his excellent work
Everything you could ask for in a job. Reliable and friendly tradesmen, quality materials and workmanship, and all at a fair price. Couldn't recommend Jims Rendering Sydney enough.
BRILLIANT WORK - Jim and his guys did a marvellous job on my 5 bedroom house in St Ives. Quality, honesty and a great finish to what was a tired old red brick house. Can’t thank you enough Jim. Great work.....
Jim rendered an internal wall we had repaired after a large crack appeared and plaster started falling off the wall. Jim provided us with a very reasonable quote, was punctual in starting the job, kept us informed during the work, and cleaned up afterwards. We are very happy with the work carried out and recommend using Jim's business to anyone needing similar work done to their home.
We would like to say a great big thank you to the Jim and his team, they turned our house into our dream home!


Wall Crack Repairs

We specialise in wall crack repairs, brick wall crack repairs, repairing cracks in plaster walls, and revamping old rendered homes by repairs to cracked surfaces, flakey paint, rusted corners, and drummy walls and finish off with a roll-on membrane to seal, protect and add a new fresh paint finish.

We have been repairing cracks in internal brick walls for a significant number of years and we can do cracked brick wall repair any time of the day. So if you need to repair cracks in the clay brick walls of your property, a Team of experts at Jim’s Rendering Services is always here to help you.

What Causes a Wall Crack?

Broken brick walls and cracked brick walls can indicate many different problems, from simple cosmetic issues to more serious issues that may indicate problems with your home’s foundation. Cracks in walls may occur in any building, whether new or old (you can read here if hairline cracks in a new wall are normal). Some cracks may not cause any problems, while others could lead to a hazardous situation. If you do not address problem cracks in walls, the deterioration of the foundation can rapidly devalue the property. Cracked wall in an arch, wall cracks in an arch after resin injection into the foundation ground.

Can a blue board be used as an external wall material? Why do some builders use blue board/concrete sheets as external walls now – isn’t that supposed to be used as internal material? Is it safe to use the blue board/concrete sheet as the external wall? The blue board from James Hardie is called HardieTex –it’s an exterior wall system made of concrete, painted with a blue primer coat, and specifically designed to be used outside as an exterior wall surface, coated with an acrylic rendering. The cement sheeting product they recommend for use indoors (i.e. in wet areas like bathrooms and laundries) is called Villaboard … and it’s not blue. The CSR version of the blue board is the Cemintel Texture Base Sheet, and it’s pretty similar to the Hardie product – an external wall cladding system that’s designed to be finished with an acrylic render. The cement sheet system they produce which is designed for indoor applications is called CeminSeal Wallboard.

Blue Board Most common as an exterior wall cladding, Blueboard is a solid-based 7mm sheet, which is designed for acrylic rendering, providing a beautifully rendered finish, without the masonry appearance. Available in a range of different sizes, blue board has now become a very popular fencing material and is used frequently in courtyard surroundings.

Image presents Wall Crack Repairs

When do wall cracks indicate structural damage?

Larger cracks that exhibit these characteristics may indicate weaknesses within the structure’s foundation: On one side of the wall is higher than the other Cracks are wide than about 5 mm (or half a centimetre). A problematic wall crack will typically begin at windows, doorways or corners of buildings. Generally, smaller hairline cracks are not caused for concern. These are generally the result of seasonal expansion & contraction of soil beneath the building over time & can be easily patched and repainted. There are different types of cracks it can be, Horizontal cracks, Diagonal cracks, Vertical cracks, and Minor cracks.

What causes large cracks in walls?

Large cracks may appear due to the weakening of the structure caused by water seepage into the soil beneath the foundations. These types of cracks can occur anyplace in the walls. This generally occurs because the water damage in the soil beneath the set portion of the building is either extremely moist or exceptionally dry.

How do fix large cracks in walls?

The best long-term solution for fixing large cracks in foundations is to remove and replace them. This process is called underpinning (also known as trenching). As the building is levelled, the cracks in the walls may start to close or get smaller (preparing plaster or rendering walls for painting). Windows and doors will probably also start to function correctly again. Traditional underpinning or levelling techniques involve digging up parts of the foundations, pouring in cement, waiting for it to dry (which can take days), and then lifting the normal house up onto new supports.

At Jims Rendering, we use different techniques to fill the crack on your property. We can plaster a crack resulting from improper priming and painting. We use a unique plaster compound, a drywall joint compound for crack stitching when we repair older homes.

Image presents Wall Crack Repairs - 1

What is drummy render and how does it occur?

When the cement or plaster pulls away from the concrete wall, leaving a gap behind it. Drummy render occurs when the cement or plaster render coating becomes loose. It produces a weak, hollow sound when tapped with a bar (sounds like a drum, or “drummy”). Many different causes of drummy render have been discussed by many plasterers. Heavy vibrations, water ingress (see below), insufficient cement in the mix, render applied too thickly, or it could be that when the plumbers and electricians chased up the walls, the dust left behind formed a membrane separating the render from the substrate. It could be any, all, or none of these factors, but these are the most frequently mentioned possibilities. It may be some or all or none of these factors, but these are the most commonly quoted possibilities. What is concrete spalling? The majority of slab edges become wet due to rain, garden watering, or contact with the ground. Dampness can permeate from the outside to the inside of a building in some cases (moisture ingress), affecting internal walls and/or finishes. Consistent dampness of the exposed face of the concrete slab, efflorescence, drummy render (as mentioned above), pungent odours in floor coverings, mould growth, watermarks, rusting, and external wall paint peeling/bubbling/blistering are all symptoms of slab edge dampness.

House Rendering - Job Complete

By Jims Rendering Sydney

House RenderingHouse Rendering

Acrylic Rendering

Jims Rendering specialises in Acrylic Rendering for your home or business. Our quality workmanship is evident tin our acrylic rendering portfolio.
Our expertise is second to none and we take great pride and care in our work involving Acrylic rendering.


Polystyrene Cladding Foam Insulation

There are clear reasons why polystyrene cladding foam insulation, expanded polystyrene (EPS) and extruded polystyrene (XPS) are popular materials for building construction , insulation , shipping and packaging , sign writing , and displays . Polystyrene is light, easy to handle, durable, strong, flexible, and recyclable, making it ideal for use across a range of industries.


Cement Rendering

Jims Rendering Sydney is committed to providing high quality rendering services for Sydney and its surrounding suburbs. We offer superior customer service and a product that reflects the best of standards.

We're a highly motivated, passionate, and experienced group of concrete finishers who pay close attention to details so we can achieve our goal of creating the best finished product.


Texture Coating

Textured coating systems are suitable for a wide variety of substrates used in construction, including fibre cement sheeting, dincel building system (DBS), cement rendering, polystyrenes, and masonary. We work closely with leading substrate manufactures to develop products that meet their specific needs and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wall Crack Repairs in Sydney

Wall crack repair is a service that involves repairing cracks or damage in the walls of a building. It is important to repair cracks to prevent further damage, maintain the structural integrity of the building, and prevent water or moisture from entering the building.

If you are dealing with cracks in a house wall, it’s important to identify the type of crack. Including hairline, settlement, and structural. The repair method will depend on the type of crack. Still, it may involve filling the crack with an appropriate filler, sealing it with a waterproofing membrane, or applying a textured coating to the surface.

Wall cracks can be caused by a range of factors, including settlement, moisture or water damage, structural issues, and temperature changes. It is important to identify the cause of the crack in order to prevent it from reoccurring. You can also read our blog What Is The Reason Behind Wall Cracks In Cement Plaster for added information.

If you notice cracks in the walls of your building, it is important to have them inspected by a professional to determine the extent of the damage and whether a repair is necessary. Other signs that may indicate the need for wall crack repair include bulging or bowing walls, dampness or moisture, or mould growth. You may want to read our blog on How to fix hairline cracks in rendered walls.

The length of time required for wall crack repair will depend on the size and complexity of the project. It is best to discuss the timeline with the service provider before the work begins.

The cost of wall crack repair in Sydney will depend on a range of factors, including the extent of the damage, the type of repair required, and the materials used. It is best to obtain a detailed quote from the service provider.

Wall crack repair can be done on most types of walls, including plaster, brick, and concrete walls. However, the repair method will depend on the specific type of wall and the extent of the damage.

Wall crack repair may affect the appearance of your walls, depending on the type of repair required. However, a professional service provider will work to minimise the impact on the appearance of your walls as much as possible.

The longevity of the repaired wall will depend on the quality of the repair work, the materials used, and the level of maintenance provided. It is important to choose a reputable service provider and maintain the repaired wall properly to ensure the longest lifespan possible.

While some small cracks can be repaired as a DIY project, it is generally recommended to hire a professional service provider for wall crack repair. A professional will have the experience, skills, and equipment necessary to properly identify and repair the crack, and ensure that it is done correctly to prevent further damage.

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