How Cement Rendering Can Transform Your House?

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How Cement Rendering Can Transform Your House?

How Cement Rendering Can Transform Your House?

Cement rendering can transform your house and adds instant appeal to your property, transforming worn-out and weak walls into fresh, visually appealing exteriors that will last. When you think about it, the front of your home is the first thing people notice and first impressions matter! So whether you are keeping up with the joneses, trying to impress the inlaws or preparing your home for the market, house rendering can help your home look its best.

Changing and improving the exterior of your home is actually one of the most effective ways of adding value to your property, and a new render is one of the cheapest ways of achieving this. Your home exterior is the first thing that any visitors or potential buyers might see, so making sure it has got as much kerb appeal as possible is important, especially if the current exterior is in poor condition, or a mixture of different mismatched materials.

Cement Render is a combination of sand, cement and clay or lime. Cement rendering can be applied to brick, cement, stone and painted walls. In cases where render is to go onto painted walls acrylic render is recommended over traditional cement render. Cement render is a great option for rendering your home, even though acrylic render materials are being used more often than ever before. Cement render has been used for so long and it can definitely be classed as a cost-effective option when deciding to render your home. Though some of the disadvantages of sand cement render can become apparent when it comes to flexibility as acrylic render can withstand wall movement to a larger degree than cement render. Though overall traditional sand cement render is a great product that has stood the test of time, it hides imperfections of old and/or bad brickwork and creates an extra layer of protection to fight erosion.

Cement rendering is used for more reasons than one. Homeowners can use renderings to increase the life span of their retaining walls while also making them look great. Cement render thickness can vary and it will depend on factors such as the brickwork and how much render is needed to be applied so that the wall will be straight and smooth.

Cement render sometimes gets bad reviews as acrylic render manufacturers try to push their products onto customers and into the marketplace. The truth is sand cement rendering is a great option to render your home but is an inferior product to acrylic render. When it comes to cracking walls using acrylic will not stop your wall from cracking when the structure moves it will just give more assistance in comparison to sand cement.

If you’re wondering why people render their houses or fences with cement, the main benefit is that it creates a smoother and more attractive appearance on the previously coarse surface. Cement render is available in a wide variety of textures and colours, such as natural or pigmented. It can create the perfect look for your walls, fence and retaining walls, complementing the style of your home, or completely transforming it. For a more distinct, textured finish, coarser sand can be used, while finer sand will achieve a smoother result. Rendering the exterior walls of your home with cement is also a brilliant way to protect your house from the weather and often harsh Australian conditions. For these reasons, when choosing Jims Rendering Sydney to achieve a premium cement rendering result for your project, you’re increasing the value of your property and projects.


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