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Image presents What Is The Best Exterior Cladding

What Is The Best Exterior Cladding?

Are you thinking of remodelling the exterior of your home with an exterior cladding? You may be overwhelmed by all the choices available. Before you can decide which is the best option for your needs, it’s important to understand why building exteriors need cladding in the first place. Exterior cladding is essentially the protective layer around a building or any other structure that keeps out adverse weather conditions, insulates from extreme temperatures, increases heat retention and prevents moisture from seeping [...]

Image presents cement render

How Do You Cement Render A Wall?

How do you cement render a wall to create an attractive wall finish, such as textured tiles or stone cladding?  Rendering walls has been a popular choice in the construction industry for centuries. It not only makes your walls look good but also strengthens the building’s structure. Rendering is the process of covering a wall with a thin layer of plaster or concrete mixture. Cement rendering is ideal for exterior walls because it helps protect them from moisture and provides [...]

Image presents Does Rendering A House Require Planning Permission

Does Rendering A House Require Planning Permission?

Does Rendering A House Require Planning Permission? House render, whether it’s an extension or a complete renovation, can be very time-consuming and costly and the costs involved with house rendering are not just limited to the materials but also include the labour needed to put everything together, including plastering, sanding & painting. This article will help you decide if it’s worth spending the money on rendering your property and what type of render that suits you best. What does rendering mean? Render [...]

Image presents What Is The Difference Between Cement Render And Plaster

What Is The Difference Between Cement Render And Plaster?

Cement render and plaster is a common methods of finishing interior walls and ceilings. The two methods differ in their application and finish. Which one should you choose? Cement rendering is a type of drywall that uses cement powder mixed with water and sand to create a solid wall surface. Plastering involves mixing gypsum (a mineral) with water to form a slurry that dries into a smooth, durable finish. Both types of finishes are commonly applied over wood studding. Plastering is [...]

Image presents What Is Textured Exterior Paint

What Is Textured Exterior Paint?

Are ever wondered What is texture coating? Textured exterior paint is a great way to add depth and character to your home without spending too much time or money. They come in various finishes, from matte to glossy, and they’re perfect for adding texture coating to walls, ceilings, trim, doors, windows, and furniture. Textured exterior paints are also known as semi-gloss or semigloss. They provide a smooth finish, similar to gloss, but offer a bit more subtlety. Semi-gloss exterior paint [...]

Image presents What Is The Best Cladding For A House

What Is The Best Cladding For A House?

Polystyrene Cladding is the exterior material applied to a building or structure. There are several types of cladding materials such as brick, stone, concrete, metal, etc. The type of cladding you choose depends on your budget, style preference, and other considerations. Cladding is often used to improve the appearance of buildings and structures. For example, brick walls add character to homes and commercial spaces. Metal roofs provide protection from rain and snow. Concrete slabs are durable and cost-effective. There are various [...]

Image presents What Is The Difference Between Plastering And Rendering

What Is The Difference Between Plastering And Rendering?

Plastering is the act of applying drywall or other materials onto interior or exterior walls, ceilings, and floors. Acrylic rendering is the act of painting over existing surfaces such as walls, ceilings, and even furniture. Which should you choose? Plastering involves using drywall (a type of gypsum board) to cover walls and ceilings. This material comes in sheets that are cut to size before being applied. The final result looks similar to the wallpaper. Rendering is the act of covering anything [...]

Image presents Top 5 Home Improvement Ideas That Adds The Most Value

Top 5 Home Improvement Ideas That Adds The Most Value

Top 5 Home Improvement Ideas That Adds The Most Value Home Improvement is the tool used by homeowners and investors in order to add value to their properties. The purpose of the upgrade can vary from making your house more livable, and attractive, to make it ready for sale. When it comes to making changes to your house, there are a few things to bear in mind. You should consider how long you intend to stay as well as the [...]

Image presents Can Driveway Cracks Be Repaired and Cracks on the Wall and What to Do With Them

Can Driveway Cracks Be Repaired?

Can Driveway Cracks Be Repaired? “A stitch in time saves nine”, suggests that whether we sew a minor hole or a rip in a patch of cloth or any other material, it actually saves us further sewing in the future because the harm is more than what could occur. This same philosophy is applicable in the case of cracks or destruction in our houses. Our residences should be tested periodically. And repairs should also be performed from time to time [...]

Image presents You’ve Got Wall Cracks – What Can You Do About Them?

[Top 3] Best Ideas For Home Improvement

[Top 3] Best Ideas For Home Improvement Did you ever want to give your house a fresh look without loads of expenditure and time of full renovation? Well, if you’re willing to work a little bit, you can undertake a lot of DIY houses that can convert your room. While many of these tasks are simple to finish, some take longer than others to make sure you realise what you get in before you launch. On the bright hand, none of [...]

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