[Guide] How To Remove Mould on Cement Patio?

prevent cement patio mould

[Guide] How To Remove Mould on Cement Patio?

How to remove mould on cement patio? Mould can make your beautiful patio look very bad. It can make the concrete look terrible, which can turn into a health and safety issue.

You can normally get rid of the mould yourself for small areas, but for bigger problems get professional support from a contractor that offers concrete cleaning near you. You can also make a call to one of our friendly team members at Jim’s Rendering to get advice from the professionals.

Why does Cement Get Moulded?

It occurs as the moisture moves through concrete (or other forms of masonry) and brings minerals along with the water. The salts and minerals are left behind when the water evaporates at the surface, leaving a crystalline rise.

Patios are most likely to get affected by moulds as they stay moisturized all the time and are also likely to receive less heat and sun. Moreover, the humid temperature is also one of the favouring conditions for moulds.

How Does Moulded Patio Looks Like?

Mould may look like black spots or green areas. Any mould is pure, but the efflorescence, which is a salty film on the concrete, may be confused. If the white material is quickly dissolved in water that is possibly the latter.

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Guide: Prevent Cement Moulds

How can we prevent cement patios from mould?

Mould is often caused by excess condensation or sitting water and is often the result of flooding or leakage. The first step in the inspection & remediation of home moulds is to find and repair any leakage and clear any standing water. You may want the concrete to be waterproof by using special products which are on the market.

To prevent the development of condensation, add extra insulation to an area and create plenty of air in dark, dank areas (basements and garages) by using fans, dehumidifiers or other ventilation devices to stop the build-up of moisture. Basements produce concrete mould commonly so it may be better not to carpet these areas as mould can easily penetrate and stay in the fibres.

Remove Moulds on Cement patio;

Most concrete moulds can be cleaned with strong bleach solutions that come with their own risks and irritations. And even after using these items for household cleaning, a lot of the invisible mould can still grow in out-of-reach spaces. So the best way to get rid of it is to call a skilled contractor (especially in cases of large contamination areas).

Before hiring, make sure that these contractors have advanced experience in mould removal, and make sure you hire two separate companies: one to inspect, and one to clean up. It could be a conflict of interest for the removal contractor to examine the concrete mould problem as well, so be sure to consult a separate inspection professional before hiring a mould removal specialist.

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