How To Repair Blue Board Cracks?

Image presents How To Repair Blue Board Cracks?

How To Repair Blue Board Cracks?

Cracks and dents on your painted walls will really drag down the overall appearance.

Hairline cracks along with doors and walls, old-picture nail holes on the wall, and bumping dents (or timid teens) are just all part of life’s wear. This blog post will show you how to repair blue board cracks. But first, let us understand what is the blue board.

What is Blue Board?

Blue plaster baseboard is also classified as drywall plaster. For veneer plastering, a blue board is used and the surface paper has unique properties of absorption. It has high water and mould tolerance and fewer stages of furnace plastering. Drywall’s blue board is not intended for dirt, tape, or stain.

Is Blue Board Waterproof?

Yes! Blue Board is waterproof. Blue Board cement sheets are primarily used for exterior usage since they are waterproof. They are seldom retained as a finished product as blue board sheets must be made in order for them to be usable. It is commonly used in granny flats, and garages.

How to Repair Blue Board Cracks?

Step 1: Use a carton knife or carbide-type method to carve a V-shaped groove behind the sides of the hole in troughs greater than 1/2 inch in diameter. This allows the patching compound to be locked behind the cement board. To scrub out the region to be covered, use a wet, moist sponge.

Step 2: Mix a small amount of thin mortar according to the directions of the maker. Thin-set mortar normally has fewer than 15 minutes, but smaller batches are the best option. Evenly spread the mortar to level the wall.

Step 3: Once the patch is dried we need to sand the mortar. Always use protective gear such as approved masks or respirators while sanding.

Step 4: Use a carton knife to score and break a fresh sheet of cement board through the new hole. Enter the current board with corrosion-resistant screws. For faster mounting, pre-drill the screw holes. Make sure you carry a respirator and eyewear while you simmer. Cover the voids with a sheet of thin-set fibreglass-capped mortar. Sand the mortar as needed, smooth and we are done.

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